Simplify corporate governance

Kudocs for professional advisors

  • Are you involved with your clients’ corporate management?
  • Do you provide company secretarial services & want to improve your service?
  • Do you want to provide company secretarial services, but can’t make it profitable?

Kudocs can help you provide a better and more efficient service – improving your efficiency and adding value to your client relationship.

  • Multiple stakeholder access (with bespoke access permissions)
  • Packages & pricing to suit all requirements
  • No upfront fees; monthly/annual subscriptions; cancel any time
  • White label service available

In-house legal teams spend over 25% of their time on routine compliance and low value tasks.

Kudocs directly addresses this issue: built by lawyers to streamline corporate management tasks and improve visibility and access to information.

Kudocs is an online corporate management system, handling company secretarial, stakeholder and information management requirements. It is fully secure and Companies Act 2006 compliant.

Kudocs provides:

  • Single system for completing, communicating and managing corporate activities and responsibilities
  • Simplifies the management of standard corporate activities such as board and shareholder decisions and approvals
  • Integrated with Companies House – automatic filings and updates, no filing fees
  • Stores and manages corporate documentation in a clear and structured way
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Corporate actions include:

  • Officer appointments & removals
  • Company name, address & accounting reference date changes
  • Share issue, transfer, subdivision & consolidation, cancellation, conversion
  • Issue dividends (interim & final)
  • Manage option schemes
  • File confirmation statements & dormant accounts
  • Customised board & shareholder resolutions & investor consents
  • Incorporate new companies for no extra charge

Manage multiple companies from a single dashboard

  • Each company has a Kudocs profile within your dashboard
  • Human users (e.g. advisors, board members, shareholders.) are given access to a company profile
  • One user can have access to multiple companies, via a single login & dashboard
  • No limit to the number of users attached to a company
  • No charge per user

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Free Incorporation with every Kudocs package

Kudocs is an authorised Companies House agent