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Limited by Guarantee

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Limited by Guarantee Package

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Package features include:

  • Online company registers & core company information
    Maintain all company registers automatically and easily online using Kudocs.  Fully Companies Act 2006 complaint.  View online or export as pdf or spreadsheet.
  • Change core company information (registered office, SAIL address, SIC codes, etc.)
    Make changes to core company information, such as registered office, SAIL address and SIC codes.  Some of these changes are done as part of the Confirmation Statement process, others require legal consents (resolutions), register updates and Companies House filings.  Use Kudocs to do them all.
  • Change company officers and PSCs/RLEs (edit, add, remove)
    Edit, add and remove (by resignation or removal) directors and secretaries.  This includes obtaining the correct legal consents (consent to act & resolutions) all register updates and Companies House filings as appropriate. Edit, add and remove PSCs and RLEs, including adding PSC08 statements and adding/ editing them (PSC09).
  • Change members
    Add details of existing - or former - members to build an accurate register of members (current and historic).  You can also appoint new members (including board resolution, as appropriate), or remove existing members, and Kudocs will update the registers accordingly.
  • Manage core accounts information (accounts filing reminders, change accounting reference date & file dormant accounts)
    Manage your key accounting information using Kudocs.  Kudocs will show you when your accounts are due as well as sending you reminders with plenty of notice so the deadline is not missed.  You can also use Kudocs to change the accounting reference date, and/or file dormant accounts at Companies House, if applicable.  Unfortunately, HMRC don't yet let us file accounts with them.  As soon as they do, we'll plug that in.
  • File confirmation statement
    Review current company information to file a confirmation statement.  Very quick and easy to do.  Generate a pdf preview before submission, or just press submit and it will be filed immediately at Companies House.
  • Incorporate a new company (incorporation fees included)
    Incorporate your new company (limited by shares or limited by guarantee) using Kudocs.  We offer standard and same day incorporations and do not charge for either (as part of a Kudocs subscription).  With our bespoke incorporation tool, we make it easy to provide all the necessary information, correctly - quickly.
  • Unlimited online document storage
    Access to all & any documents created by Kudocs (e.g. resolutions, dividend vouchers, confirmation statement summaries, etc), uploaded by your users as part of a process (e.g. attaching a document to a resolution), or uploaded by your users into the document store directly.
  • Run custom shareholder/member and director resolutions
    Draft your own resolutions (or get your advisor to draft it for you), and use Kudocs to run the vote - both director and shareholder/ member resolutions.  You provide the substance, Kudocs does the leg work - whether it is for the board or shareholders/ members: sends out the vote, makes it easy for stakeholders to vote, counts the responses, records the outcome and builds you a complete resolution pdf once passed.
  • Profit distribution
    Record details of profit distributions made to members of the LBG and automatically update the profit distribution register.
  • Change company name
    Change company name including, obtaining the correct legal consents (resolutions) all register updates and Companies House filings as appropriate.  Same day name change service is available for no additional cost (as part of your Kudocs subscription).
  • Adopt new articles of association
    Use Kudocs to adopt new articles of association.  We don't draft the articles for you (this is complex and needs an advisor), but we do everything else - run the required resolution to approve, update the settings to reflect the new articles, update the registers and store a full record of what has happened.
  • Shareholder/member updates
    Use Kudocs to send your shareholders or members updates via the system.  It's very easy to draft the update, attach documents, links etc and then press send.  Its also very easy for your shareholder or member to access and read the updates, as well as review them in the future (via the shareholder dashboard).
  • Free onboarding support
    Need help getting set up?  We're here and happy to support you, for free!  Get in touch if you have any special or complex requirements (e.g. lots of companies/ bulk imports) and we'll see what we can do to help (may be a small charge in these cases).

All Kudocs plans include


No charge per user or user limit


Bespoke control over user access


Full audit trail of all activity


Secure electronic voting (including deeds)


Companies House electronic filings (filing fees included)


Download & export registers
(pdf & csv)