PSC/RLE – add

This guide explains how to add a Person with Significant Control (PSC) or a Relevant Legal Entity (RLE) using Kudocs.

The action is available via:

  • Quick action list in the Officers, PSCs & RLEs page.
  • All actions.
Keep control of your corporate information: registers, documents, stakeholders, Companies House filings - accurate & available in seconds.

Make the change from the Officers, PSCs & RLEs page.

Step 1

Open the PSC/RLE page (from All actions, or from the Officers, PSCs & RLEs page).

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Step 2

Select {Add another PSC/RLE}.

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Step 3

Enter relevant details.

More detail
You can add multiple reasons if necessary. Note that Kudocs will validate the reasons to prevent duplication or overlap.
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Step 4

Once confirmed, changes will be updated in Kudocs (stakeholder page and registers) and submitted to CoHse by electronic filing.

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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • Activity information stored in Kudocs for future reference & any documents filed in document store.
  • Changes will be submitted to CoHse (as if filing PSC01 or PSC02).
  • PSC/RLE page updated.

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