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Company registered address & SAIL – making changes

What is a registered address? An entity incorporated in the UK must have a physical address in the UK.  This does not need to be the place of business – it could be a director’s home address, the address of your lawyer or accountant etc, but it must be a real physical address.  It must also be in the same country within the UK as the company is first registered.  I.e. a company registered in England must have a registered office address in England. The registered address will be publicly available on the online register at Companies House and the entity’s official records must be available for inspection at the registered office (unless the entity has a SAIL address – see below).  Using Kudocs makes this easy – as the records can be accessed from anywhere.


Can you use Kudocs to change registered office address? Yes using via the All Actions menu. Kudocs will send out the resolution for electronic voting, or the meeting invite to attendees. If the necessary votes are cast in favour, the change of address is complete, subject to Companies House approval.


Does Kudocs update Companies House? Yes. If the votes are cast in favour, the registered office address change (as if filing AD01 or LLAD01) will be submitted to Companies House.  This is a legally necessary step – a change of registered office is not effective unless & until it has been registered by Companies House.


When does a change take place?   Registered office address changes take place once confirmed by Companies House.


What happens if the change of address is filed at Companies House, but not in Kudocs?  If this happens, Kudocs will detect the difference and show this as a mismatch.  You can then decide if you want Kudocs to apply the Companies House data automatically, of if you want to record the change yourself (which will provide a fuller audit trail.


What happens if we have entity officers or PSCs using the registered office address as their service address?  Kudocs will detect this during the process and flag this to you.  You select to have their service addresses updated automatically to the new registered address, or you can keep their service address at the original address.


What is a SAIL address? A ‘SAIL address’ is a Single Alternative Inspection Location where a company can keep certain statutory records and make them available for public inspection. It is not compulsory but simply used for convenience as an alternative inspection location to the registered office.  You can keep some records for inspection at the SAIL and some at the registered address.  If you do not have a SAIL address, then the registered address needs to hold all of the statutory records of the entity. 


Can you use Kudocs to add or edit a SAIL address? Yes – this can be done via Settings or All Actions.  You can use Kudocs to add a SAIL address for the first time or edit an existing SAIL address (ie move to a new SAIL location).  This will update the records in Kudocs and submit the AD02 to Companies House.  


Once an entity has a SAIL address, how does it manage what records are available for inspection at the SAIL address compared to the registered address?. This is easy to do using the SAIL address tool in Kudocs.  Just select which records are available where and Kudocs will do the rest.


How does an entity move records to/ from the SAIL address?  Easily using Kudocs.  Just select which records have moved where and Kudocs will work out the rest, including submitting the correct forms at Companies House for you (AD03, AD04, LLAD03, LLAD04).



How does an entity cease having a SAIL address and move all it’s records back to the registered address?  When moving all entity records from a SAIL address back to the registered office, currently an entity can only notify Companies House that all the records have moved back to the registered office (by submitting an AD04 or LLAD04).  There is no way to notify Companies House that the SAIL address is no longer used. This is a peculiar issue that Companies House is aware of, but has not yet resolved.  You do not need to worry about this.  If you update Kudocs that an entity no longer has a SAIL address, the records in Kudocs will be updated automatically and the necessary filings submitted to Companies House.





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