Generate EIS/SEIS Certificates (individual direct investors)

This guide explains how to generate certificates for EIS or SEIS relief for individual direct investors after a share issue using Kudocs.  EIS and SEIS certificates are generated once a company has issued shares and therefore you need to add a share issue to Kudocs to then generate the EIS or SEIS certificates.

The action is available at the end of the share issue process under the EIS/SEIS certificates section.

Click here to see how to generate certificates for investors behind a corporate nominee.

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The EIS/SEIS generation tool is available at the end of the share issue process. The process can be cancelled anytime until the certificates are signed.

This tool is for generating EIS or SEIS certificates for direct individual investors in a company.
Step 1

Perform or record a share issue on Kudocs.

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Step 2

Under the EIS/SEIS certificate(s) section, select {Generate certificates}.

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Step 3

Select which shareholders to generate the certificates for, how the certificates will be signed and whether you want to email the certificate to shareholder(s) at the end of the process.

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Step 4

Once confirmed, EIS/SEIS certificates are generated by Kudocs. If selected, Kudocs will send completed copies to shareholder

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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • EIS/SEIS certificates generated.
  • If electronic-signature selected, Kudocs will send certificates to the selected director by email for signing.
  • Once signed (& if selected) Kudocs will send completed copies of the EIS/SEIS certificates to shareholders.
  • Process information stored in Kudocs for future reference & any documents filed in document store.

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