Our Partners

Below is a list of our Kudocs partners who we feel can work in tandem with us to further enhance your business. If you would like to discuss one of our partners or are interested in discussing become a Kudocs partner please get in touch at



LawBite is the UK’s leading online legal tech platform, providing you access to LawBriefs, our fully SRA regulated and insured UK law firm, specialising in commercial law for business. Our expert lawyers, have at least 10 years of experience in their areas of expertise. With a mission to take SMEs from idea to ideal, LawBite offers the full spectrum of business legal advice: GDPR, copyright, trademarks, intellectual property law, contract reviews, legal documents etc. We provide accessible and fast services to SMEs at half the cost of traditional high street law firms. Our tech platform is the country’s only lawyer-to-client app and we have so far serviced over 20,000 legal enquiries.

LawBite enables clients to access business legal services from anywhere, democratising and transforming the way businesses access legal services today.

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Marlborough House Partners

We are key trusted advisors to entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them grow and turn good ideas into profitable enterprises.

We provide a legal and business consultancy service advising growing companies on fundraising (both debt and equity), investments, restructuring, M&A, exits, problem solving, product and strategy development, employment, business immigration law and professional service procurement. We also act as project manager in areas where specialist advice and expertise may be required.

Our charging model involves either fixed fees or retainers and no chargeable hours. This allows us to work closely with clients, analysing their business needs and pro-actively developing strategy from an early stage to help them fulfil their entrepreneurial vision.

We work flexibly and often spend significant time at our clients’ offices bringing us closer to their business, people and aims.

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