Generate EIS/SEIS Certificates (investors behind corporate nominee)

This guide explains how to generate certificates for EIS or SEIS relief for individuals investing via a corporate nominee (e.g. a VC fund) after a share issue using Kudocs.  Click here to see how to generate certificates for direct individual investors.


It is common for individual investors to invest via a corporate nominee fund (e.g. a venture capital fund). While the corporate nominee is not eligible for EIS or SEIS relief, the investors are. Kudocs makes it easy and quick to generate their certificates in seconds – even if you have 100s of investors.


The action is available at the end of the share issue process under the EIS/SEIS certificates section.

The EIS/SEIS generation tool is available at the end of the share issue process. The process can be cancelled anytime until the certificates are signed.

Step 1

Perform or record a share issue on Kudocs.

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Step 2

Under the EIS/SEIS certificate(s) section, select {Generate certificates}.

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Step 3

Select which corporate shareholders to generate the certificates for and upload details of the investors.

More detail
Use the very simple and easy import tool to provide details of all the individual investors in one go. No limit to the number of investors, just complete the required fields and Kudocs does the rest.
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Step 4

Provide the required details for the EIS or SEIS certificate

More detail
e.g. Unique Investment Reference from HMRC, whether the company was knowledge intensive and how you want the certificates generated, signed and distributed.
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Step 5

Kudocs generates the certificates, including electronic signature by a director and distributing to all investors.

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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • EIS/SEIS certificates generated.
  • If electronic-signature selected, Kudocs will send certificates to the selected director via email for signing.  They only have to sign once – no matter how many investors!
  • If selected, Kudocs will send completed copies of the EIS/SEIS certificates to shareholders.
  • Process information stored in Kudocs for future reference & any documents filed in document store.

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