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Companies House filings

Does Kudocs file documents for me at Companies House?  Yes, Kudocs is an approved software filing agent for Companies House.  That means that you don’t have to worry about almost any e-flings going forward – Kudocs will do them for you, instantaneously from within Kudocs using the Companies House API.  Kudocs will handle the filing for you as part of whatever action you are carrying out.  This means there is no need for you to enter the same information twice – enter it once in Kudocs and the system will do the rest – so it is fast and error free.  Filings are submitted immediately and we get an immediate response from Companies House to confirm that the filing has been received OK.  If there is any issue, Kudocs will either fix the issue for you, or let you know.  Once received by Companies House, the filing then needs to be reviewed and processed to update the Companies House records.

And if there is any cost, Kudocs will pay that for you.  This covers the vast majority of regular filings that a company might need to make (IN01, CS01, AP01, AP02, AP03, CH01, CH02, CH03, SHo1, AD01, AA01, TM01, LLIN01, LLCS01, LLCH02… the list goes on).


How long does it take for filings to be reviewed and processed by Companies House, once filed using Kudocs?  Different filings are processed at different speeds.  Filings can therefore be processed in a matter of minutes, or may take a few days, depending on how they are processed at Companies House:

  • Some filings are processed very quickly, as they can be reviewed automatically by the Companies House systems.
  • Some filings take longer as they need to be manually reviewed by default (eg some incorporations, especially those that include evidence to support names).  However same day incorporations, if submitted before the cut off, are examined same day.
  • Some filings take longer if the Companies House’s automatic validation dictates that the filing needs to be examined manually. ilings can therefore be processed in a matter of minutes, or may take a few days, depending on how they are processed at Companies House.

If there are any issues with a filing, Companies House will notify Kudocs and you will be notified immediately to discuss the issue and how to resolve it.


I’ve submitted a filing via Kudocs, but have not received a confirmation email that it has been approved by Companies House – is there something wrong?  No, there is nothing to worry about.  Different filings are processed at different speeds.  Filings can therefore be processed in a matter of minutes, or may take a few days, depending on how they are processed at Companies House.  See the answer above for more information.


What happens if I cannot file documents at Companies House using Kudocs?  Companies House does not permit all documents to be filed electronically via Kudocs – yet.  This is ‘their’ responsibility, not ours, as their API does not yet support all the different filing types.

This applies to the following forms:

  • SH02
  • SH03
  • SHo6
  • SH08
  • SH10
  • SH19
  • RP04
  • Special resolutions
  • New articles

CH is working on this and as soon as new forms are ‘unlocked’ Kudocs will offer that filing service.

In the meantime, if a filing is not possible via Kudocs/ the API not to worry. Kudocs will provide you with a the relevant document to download and submit by other means – together with clear & simple instructions of what to do.

For more information, see here.


Do I need to pay for Companies House filings?  If you use Kudocs to submit an electronic filing to Companies House, Kudocs will pay that cost for you.  There is no additional charge for you.  That includes incorporations (standard and same day), confirmation statements, name changes (standard and same day), charges, etc.


Do I get updates about filings I have made – they have been submitted and processed by Companies House?  Yes, if you initiate a process in Kudocs that has a Companies House filing as part of it, you will receive an email confirming that the filing has been submitted and then another when it has bee processed by Companies House.  Sometimes that takes seconds, sometimes it takes longer – it depends on how quickly Companies House reviews and approves it!


Can I see Companies House filings in Kudocs before submission?  Yes, you can preview all filings before they are submitted to Companies House.  You can download them and share with others (e.g. if you need approval from someone else before pressing ‘go’).


Can I see Companies House filings in Kudocs after submission?  No.  Because we send data to Companies House electronically (we don’t send them the actual forms for you), Companies House reconstitute the forms at their end, using the data we send.  We get confirmation that the data has been received and processed, but not a copy of the form itself.  We show a preview of what the form should look like before you submit the filing, but sometimes Companies House reconstitutes the data in a slightly different way.  If you want to see the actual filing, the best place to check is Companies House.

But hopefully you wont need to as Kudocs will give you all the information and re-assurance you need.


What happens if the company files information directly at Companies House (i.e. not using Kudocs)?  Not a problem.  Kudocs runs a check every 24hrs to compare the data it has vs what is at Companies House.  If there are any mismatches, it triggers a report which Kudocs will review and then get in touch with you to discuss if/ how to resolve.  It is usually very quick and easy to do.  For more information see here.


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Kudocs is an authorised Companies House agent