Loan Note Register

This guide explains how to add, review and edit information about Loan Notes to the Kudocs regsiters.

The action is available in:

  • All Actions
  • Accounts, Charges & Dividends
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Record route

The Loan Note agreement will have been created and agreed already, off line. Use Kudocs to add the Loan to the registers in Kudocs for easy review and management.
Step 1

Add New Loan Note

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Step 2

Complete the necessary information about the Loan Note

More detail
Add key information, and any additional bespoke information. Attach documents if needed.
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Step 3

That's it!

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Step 4

Review and edit the Loan Note at any time in the future, with full audit trail

More detail
e.g. if part of the loan is repaid or converted, the terms change, etc.
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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • Activity information stored in Kudocs for future reference & any documents filed in document store.
  • Loan Note register updated.

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