Create & run custom directors’ resolution

This guide explains how to create and run a customised written director resolution using Kudocs.  

The action is available via:

  • Quick action list in Officers, PSCs & RLEs
  • All actions.

This is a Perform only action.

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Perform route

Select this route and Kudocs will help you complete all the necessary steps for this action.
Step 1

Set up the director resolution

More detail
Title, resolution content (prepare this yourself, or get an advisor to help), attach any supporting documents.
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Step 2

If there are multiple resolutions to be voted on at the same time, add them.

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Step 3

Kudocs sends out resolution for electronic voting.

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Step 4

The resolution(s) is/are marked as approved or rejected depending on the votes & information stored in Kudocs for future reference.

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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • Email sent to initiator informing them of resolution outcome.
  • Process information stored in Kudocs for future reference & any documents filed in document store.

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