Shareholder Dashboard

This guide explains how the shareholder dashboard works (available on the Advanced package) and what shareholders can see and do once enabled.

This is a great tool to improve investor engagement and access to information.  By allowing investors access to their own information, they can self-serve and hopefully reduce the number of irritating questions they ask you!  The shareholder dashboard provides a pared-down version of the Kudocs account and information about the company.

For information about granting fuller user access to the company’s full Kudocs account see here.

For information about Portfolio Users, please see here.




Keep control of your corporate information: registers, documents, stakeholders, Companies House filings - accurate & available in seconds.

Shareholder Dashboard - available on Advanced package

Step 1

Switch on/ off in company settings & tailor

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The shareholder dashboard can be switched on/off in the company settings. Go to Settings > Users and scroll down to the Shareholders' Dashboard section.

Once enabled, you can then tailor what information you show shareholders.
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Step 2

Shareholders sent email invite - no cost to them

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Shareholders are not charged to use the shareholder dashboard. It is included as part of the Advanced package. There may be additional charges for large shareholder bases.
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Step 3

Shareholders login and view all their information (read only)

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Shareholder dashboard enabled instantaneously

  • Easy for company to switch dashboard on/ off and tailor
  • Easy for shareholders to access

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