File confirmation statement

This guide explains how to file your confirmation statement using Kudocs.  This includes reviewing all current information stored in Kudocs, previewing the CS01 filing, sending the confirmation statement to a third party for approval (internal or external; can be approved by multiple people) and then filing at Companies House.

The action is available via:

  • Company Dashboard
  • All actions.

Note, you do not need to pay for this filing – the cost is paid by Kudocs.

Keep control of your corporate information: registers, documents, stakeholders, Companies House filings - accurate & available in seconds.

Perform route

Select this route and Kudocs will help you complete all the necessary steps for this action.
Step 1

Click on {File confirmation statement}.

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Step 2

Review all current company information stored on Kudocs. If changes are needed, Kudocs will guide you through the necessary processes.

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All the information needed for the confirmation statement is already in Kudocs as part of the registers management service that Kudocs provides. So all you need to do is review and confirm that it is correct. If it is not, Kudocs will guide you through how to make the necessary changes.
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Step 3

Select the made up to date

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A confirmation statement has a ‘made up to date’. This is the date shown at Companies House as to when the confirmation statement relates. You can select what date you want the confirmation statement to be made up to.

NOTE: Kudocs is a live data system - it uses the latest, live data when filing the confirmation statement: the data in Kudocs when the filing is submitted is the data submitted to Companies House. Therefore, if you select a made up to date in the past, please ensure that the current data in Kudocs is the same as it was on the made up to date.
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Step 4

Once complete, you can either file the statement or send it out for approval.

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You can either file the confirmation statement immediately, or you can send it out for approval if needed.

This allows you to circulate a draft confirmation statement with colleagues, a client, an external adviser, etc to check that it is all correct before it is filed.

You can send the statement out for multiple approvals before filing at Companies House. There is a full audit trail of each approval (including a certificate generated each time it is approved for your internal records), so you can track who has seen it and when. You can amend the statement as you go and then only submit it when you are ready.
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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • Confirmation statement sent out for approval if needed (via email and e-signature).
  • Confirmation statement filed at CH by Kudocs (and Kudocs pays the confirmation statement filing fee for you).
  • Email sent to initiator informing them of a successful submission and then filing at CH.
  • Process information stored in Kudocs for future reference, including a copy of the pdf summary in the document store.

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