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Incorporating a new company

Can I set up a new company using Kudocs?  Yes.  Kudocs is directly connected to Companies House and you can use our bespoke incorporation tool to guide you through the process and submit your application.  It takes minutes and we’ll make sure you provide all the correct information.


What types of company can I incorporate using Kudocs?  You can incorporate companies limited by shares or limited by guarantee.  We’re working on other forms (e.g. LLPs) and will be releasing that functionality in due course.


How much does it cost to incorporate a company using Kudocs?  Nothing!  Kudocs will pay the incorporation fee charged by Companies House on your behalf and it is absorbed as part of your Kudocs subscription (monthly or annual).  Minimum terms apply, so check out our terms and conditions for more detail.


Will I be notified once the company has been incorporated?  Yes.  Kudocs will send you an email as soon as Companies House has approved the incorporation.  You can then login to Kudocs and see your company there live, with all the relevant information.


Will I get a copy of my incorporation certificate, docs and company books?  Yes.  The incorporation documents will all be automatically saved in the Document Store in Kudocs – ready for you to review them.  Once the company is incorporated Kudocs automatically created your company books, first share certificates and stakeholder information based on the incorporation.  We don’t send you anything in paper – there’s no need.  It’s all stored securely in the cloud.  But you can download any of it when you want.


Will I be sent my Authentication Code once the company is incorporated?  Companies House will still send you this code in the post, but it will be immediately available after incorporation  to Admin users.  It is stored in your company settings page in Kudocs.  Hopefully you won’t need it as Kudocs can do all your filing for you, but it’s there if you do!


Do I need my Authentication Code once I have incorporated my company?  You don’t need it to use Kudocs.  Once incorporated, it will be stored in the system automatically to enable us to file information on your behalf.  There may be (rare) occasions when you need to it contact Companies House directly, so you can log in and obtain it when you need it.


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Kudocs is an authorised Companies House agent