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Trying out & testing Kudocs

Does Kudocs offer free trials?  Yes – you can try out Kudocs using our demo company or demo LLP feature.  Just sign up to Kudocs (free), login and then go to My Companies > {Create demo company} or {Create demo LLP} and a personal demo company will appear.

It is a dummy company and completely safe – it’s not a real company, there is no connection to Companies House, etc).  The only ‘real’ things about it are that all Kudocs functionality is available, including the email features, so you can send out emails to your imaginary directors/ shareholders/ etc to try out the live voting features.


Can I test Kudocs for my own company with a free trial? We don’t offer free trials for live companies because when you add a company to Kudocs, we incur costs from Companies House (which is how we make creating the Kudocs account so quick and easy for you – see more here).  So we do ask you to pay to start using Kudocs, but if you don’t like it you can cancel at any time and we’ll refund you as per our terms.


Can I do a free test run incorporation in Kudocs?  Yes – just do a normal incorporation but when you get the final, final button/ pop up – stop.  Otherwise it will be sent to Companies House as a real one and you’ll be charged!  Don’t worry, there are a number if pop-ups and warnings you’d have to get past first.   You’ll be able to see everything this way, but just without actually setting up a company.  For more info see here.


How does pricing work in Kudocs?  It’s very clear and simple.  See here.


Does Kudocs charge for users?  No!  See here.


How do I sign up for Kudocs?  It’s very easy!  See here.


Free Incorporation with every Kudocs package

Kudocs is an authorised Companies House agent