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How much does Kudocs cost?  Prices start from £12/ company (ex VAT).  It depends on which package you want and whether you want a monthly or annual subscription.  Whichever you choose, it is always only 1 price.  We wont start charging you extras here and there if you want to do a specific action, or add another user, etc.  Check out the pricing page of our website for more information.  We offer specialised pricing for volume customers.  Get in touch with us to find out more.


Does Kudocs charge per user? No – our pricing is based on the company and the package you select.  So you could put a company on the Essential package for £12/month and have 100 users.  We do not charge any more for that.

The only exception to this is if you are on the Advanced package.  Again we don’t charge for users, but there are surcharges if you have more than 20 shareholders.  This is because the Advanced package includes the shareholder dashboard.


Do I have to pay Companies House fees?  No.  Kudocs absorbs the cost of any filing that you submit electronically via Kudocs.  E.g. filing a confirmation statement costs £13 – but Kudocs pays that for you as part of your subscription.  Unsurprisingly, Kudocs doesn’t pay for filings submitted outside of Kudocs, or late filing fees!


Does Kudocs offer bulk pricing for multiple companies?  Yes, we can certainly consider this, especially if you are a professional advisor providing – or wanting to provide – cosec services to your clients.  Please contact us directly to discuss –

Free Incorporation with every Kudocs package

Kudocs is an authorised Companies House agent