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Company Users

Does Kudocs charge per user?  No – our pricing is based on the company and the package you select.  So you could put a company on the Essential package for £12/month and have 100 users.  We do not charge any more for that.

The only exception to this is if you are on the Advanced package.  Again we don’t charge for users, but there are surcharges if you have more than 20 shareholders.  This is because the Advanced package includes the shareholder dashboard.


Is there a limit to the number of users a company can have?  No, you can add as many users as you like – for no additional cost!


How do I add a new user to Kudocs?  Very easily via Settings > Users.  Select to whom you want to grant access (are they already a stakeholder in the company, or a third party), select the user permission and that’s it.  Kudocs will then send them a personalised invitation email to sign up (for no cost to you or them) and get access to the company.

For more info, see here.


Can I control user rights? Yes – if you have admin rights for a company you can control other user rights such as adding new users, selecting their permission level, changing permission level and removing users.  Kudocs offers 5 different user levels for each company ranging from full admin rights, to restricted read-only rights (ideal for initial due diligence).  They can be changed/ revoked at any time:

Admin – Full access to system including all settings and billing details. Can create/change other users. Minimum 1 admin user per company. 1 admin user must be selected as the primary Kudocs contact.

Read & Write – Access to system to read and change information and initiate processes. Cannot view or edit settings or billing details. Cannot create/change other users.

Read (all) – Access system to read information and export company registers (pdf only). Cannot change any information or initiate processes (including billing, settings & users). Can build cap tables (if functionality available on company package).

Read (Doc Store & info) – Access to high-level company information (read only). Cannot change any information or initiate processes (including billing, settings & users). Access to Document Store (read only; subject to folder permissions) but cannot edit folders/files.

Read (info only) – Access to high-level company information (read only) but not Document Store. Cannot change any information or initiate processes (including billing, settings & users).


How do I add/ edit user permissions?  Very easily via Settings > Users.


How do I edit who receives invoices?  The company’s Primary Contact receives invoices (and other key information) from Kudocs (if paying by card).  Only Admin users can be a primary contact.  It is easy to amend this via Settings > Users > Kudocs primary contact.


Can I remove user access? Yes – very easily via Settings > Users.


How do I control portfolio user permissions?  If you are a portfolio customer, you will be able to add other portfolio users via portfolio settings on the portfolio dashboard.  This is only available to portfolio admins.  Portfolio users have 2 levels of permission: (i) those that affect their rights at the portfolio level (e.g. add other portfolio users, add more companies to the portfolio, which companies in the portfolio they can see, etc); and (ii) those that affect their rights at the company level (e.g. Read & Write permissions, access to company information).  For more information, please contact Kudocs.

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