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Features from: 7 March 2024 – complete Full Onboarding without filing a confirmation statement & more

Complete Full Onboarding without filing a confirmation statement.  You can now complete full onboarding (which allows you to edit information received from Companies House) but select to NOT file a confirmation statement.  This is ideal if you need to update shares/ shareholder information but you are not yet ready to notify Companies House.  This option is available for companies ltd by shares (private & public) and by guarantee.  LLPs never file confirmation statements at the end of onboarding.


Portfolio activity timeline.  If you are a portfolio customer, you can now see a timeline of certain key changes to your portfolio.  So far we are showing user changes and if companies are added to the system. This feature will expand its coverage in the coming weeks and we will keep you posted.


Edit documents in completed process.  Once you have completed a process in Kudocs (e.g recorded a share issue) you can now edit the documents that that you attached to that process, or add/ edit new ones.  Very useful if (eg) you only belatedly get hold of finalised completion documents.  This is being rolled out to all processes over the coming weeks.


Bulk import documents.  You can now select multiple documents to be imported into Kudocs.


Economic Crime & Corporate Transparency Act 2023 changes.  The first round of changes went live on 4 March.  We will be bring more changes into effect in line with Companies House.


Bespoke word template articles (portfolios only).  You can now upload word versions of your template articles (to use in incorporations) and if you use dynamic tags, Kudocs will update that document to make it ‘personal’ for your company.  This currently allows you to add the entity name to the articles, but we can add more tags.  Just let us know.


Redenominate share class. You can no redenominate share classes between different currencies.


Various bug fixes

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