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Incorporation Questionnaire (Portfolio customers only)

What is the incorporation questionnaire?  Do you currently send your clients a word document (or similar) with all the questions you need answered in order to incorporate their new company?  Is it tiresome to get them to complete (for you and them!)?  Do you then have to copy type all that information into an incorporation tool?  The Incorporation Questionnaire solves all of this.  It allows you to put your word document online, share it with clients, work on it together, keep track of versions and then when complete add all of the information to the incorporation tool at the click of a button.  It saves you and your clients huge amounts of time.



Can I bespoke the questions and guidances in the questionnaire?  Yes.  All of the incorporation questionnaire can be bespoked – your own questions, guidance, etc.  You can link to your own website, knowledge articles, etc.  You can also add images and videos if needed.  Get in touch to discuss.


Can I pre-fill some of the questions before I send to a client?   Yes.  You can partially complete the questionnaire and add specific guidance notes for the client to read before you send them the link to review.


How do I share the questionnaire with clients?  Via a link that you can add into your own message to the client.  The link is totally secure (but does not need any login to access).  You can create a new link whenever you want that will contain all the latest amends to the questionnaire.  When the client completes the questionnaire (or does as much as they can) they will also have a way to save what they have done to notify you that they are finished and ready for your review.


Is there version control?  Yes.  Every time you generate a link to send to the client, we will create and save a pdf of the questionnaire as at that stage.  Equally, every time the client notifies you that they have finished their amends, we generate a pdf of that version.


I’ve completed the questionnaire with my client, how do I incorporate the company?  Very easily – just click one button.  Once the questionnaire is complete, you will be able to click a button to convert it from a questionnaire into an incorporation.


Can I use model articles or upload my own bespoke articles?  Yes!


Do I get final review of the incorporation before it is submitted?  Yes.  Once you convert a questionnaire into an incorporation, you will be able to review all the information before it is submitted to Companies House.  You have complete control over this and can make amendments before you submit.  You don’t lose any control by using the questionnaire – you just make it easier for you and the client to capture all necessary information and then prepare the incorporation for submission.

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