Published: 16 February 2022 2:43 pm  Author:

Feature Update – Feb 2022

Here’s a short summary of some of the key features released up until February 2022:


Preview filings when editing stakeholder details

If you edit the details of stakeholder you can now:

  • review the changes you’ve made before submitting; and
  • preview the filings that will be submitted (if any).

Review filings at the end of Full Onboarding (preview coming soon)

When you complete Full Onboarding, if you’ve made any changes that trigger a Companies House filing, you can now review the filings before you complete onboarding.

(We’re working on the actual preview of these filings – ready soon!)


Export/ email registers

When you want to export a ‘hard copy’ register (pdf or xlsx), Kudocs will now email it to you – or someone else you choose.


Manually record votes on a directors’ resolution


Running a director resolution in Kudocs and have a director(s) who wont/ cant vote electronically?

You can now record their vote for them.

This includes a full audit trail of who recorded the vote & when, including the option to add notes & documents.

(Manual votes for shareholder/ member resolutions coming soon!).


Create and file a charge (MR01)

You can now add a charge to the registers in Kudocs and file the MR01 at Companies House.


Update an existing charge (MR04)

You can now update an existing charge and file the MR04 at Companies House