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Editing stakeholder details

Is it easy to change stakeholder details in Kudocs?  Yes.  You can make administrative changes (e.g. name, address, contact details, etc changes in seconds).  If you need to make a substantive change (e.g. add/remove an officer appointment, or change shareholdings) that is also easy to do – but you need to make the change via the appropriate process in Kudocs.


What happens if I need to change the details of a stakeholder who has multiple roles in the company?  Do I need to change in all places?  No, Kudocs will apply the change for you automatically in all places.  For example if Jenny Smith is a director, secretary, PSC, shareholder and option-holder and you need to change her surname and service address, you only have to edit her stakeholder page and Kudocs will apply the changes to all roles and company registers.  It should take you seconds.  Kudocs will also submit any necessary filings to Companies House for you.


Are there any changes that cannot be made in Kudocs?  There are a few that are a but more complicated (e.g. changing a date of birth to correct an admin issue), but just get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help you.


Does Kudocs update Companies House?  Yes.  Depending on whether the change needs to be filed at Companies House, Kudocs will take care of this for you automatically.


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Kudocs is an authorised Companies House agent