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Rectification filings (RP04 etc)

There is an error with a Companies House filing – how can I fix it?  You can correct certain filings at Companies House by submitting form RP04 and an updated version of the incorrect form. This can only be used to correct filings that were made on or after 1 October 2009.  The forms you can correct this way are:

  • AP01 Appointment of director
  • AP02 Appointment of corporate director
  • AP03 Appointment of secretary
  • AP04 Appointment of corporate secretary
  • CH01 Change of director’s details
  • CH02 Change of corporate director’s details
  • CH03 Change of secretary’s details
  • CH04 Change of corporate secretary’s details
  • TM01 Termination of appointment of director
  • TM02 Termination of appointment of secretary
  • SH01 Return of allotment of shares
  • AR01 Annual Return
  • CS01 Confirmation statement (parts 1 to 4 only)
  • PSC01 Notice of individual person with significant control (PSC)
  • PSC02 Notice of relevant legal entity (RLE) with significant control
  • PSC03 Notice of other registrable person (ORP) with significant control
  • PSC04 Change of details of individual person with significant control (PSC)
  • PSC05 Change of details of relevant legal entity (RLE) with significant control
  • PSC06 Change of details of other registrable person (ORP) with significant control
  • PSC07 Notice of ceasing to be a person with significant control (PSC), relevant legal entity (RLE), or other registrable person (ORP)
  • PSC08 Notification of PSC statements
  • PSC09 Update to PSC statements


How do I submit a corrective filing to Companies House?   Companies House allows certain corrective flings via web filing.  So you do not need to submit by paper & post. This means that changes can be submitted much easier and should be applied much faster than before.  This applies to:

  • CS01 Confirmation statement (only for errors made on share capital or shareholders)
  • SH01 Return of allotment of shares
  • AP01 Appointment of director

All other corrective filings need to be submitted in hard copy (either by post or in certain cases by email) – you need to complete an RP04 or LLRP04 and attach a new – correct – version of the form you want to amend and replace the incorrect original.

This includes all corrective filings for LLPs: the LLRP04 has to be filed by paper always.


Can I use Kudocs to file an RP04?  Unfortunately not – RP04 filings are still not permitted via the Companies House API – so they cannot be submitted automatically via Kudocs, but we’ll update you when this changes.  You will need to file the change via web filing or in hard copy (see the other answers in this section for more information).


What is web filing?  Web filing is the online portal for filing certain information at Companies House.  You shouldn’t need to use it once you start using Kudocs, as the system will do all the filings for you.  However, there are some instances where web filing is required.  You will need a Companies House account (free) and the company’s authentication code to access web filing.


There is an error in the information on Kudocs.  How do I fix it?  The best thing to do is get in touch with us via the chat function or email and we can discuss how we can help.

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