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Managing Group Companies in Kudocs (portfolio customers only)

Can I manage group of companies in Kudocs?  Yes.  If you are a portfolio customer, you can connect your client entities within a group structure.  For more information, see here.


How do I manage a group of companies in Kudocs?  Easily! You can manage it all via the Portfolio dashboard, provided you have the correct user permissions.  You can create, edit and delete a group.  You can add and remove companies from the group, or edit information about them in the group.  You can also see what group(s) a company belongs to on the portfolio and company dashboards.

See here for more info.


Does it cost more to use the group company feature? No – the group feature is included as part of your portfolio pricing.


Can I add the group hierarchy/ structure in Kudocs?  Yes.  You can define whether a company is a parent or subsidiary when you add the company to the group.  If the subsidiary is an entity on Kudocs, you will have access to their register of members, so you can match the parent with the corresponding shareholder in the subsidiary.  The system will show you, automatically, the relevant shareholdings.


Can I add entities to the group tool, even if they are not entites on Kudocs?   Yes.  Some of the functionality is limited, but you can add a lot of details about non-portfolio entities.

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