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Confirmation Statements

What is a confirmation statement? A confirmation statement is an annual submission to Companies House confirming/updating key information about the company that is registered at Companies House.  A company has to file a confirmation statement every year – even if it is only to confirm that there have been no changes.


Can you file a confirmation statement using Kudocs? Yes, this is very easy and quick to do.  It is available on your company dashboard.


Do I have to pay to file a confirmation statement?  No!  Although Companies House charges a fee to file a confirmation statement – currently £13 – The good news is that Kudocs pays for that as part of your subscription, so there is no cost to you.  


What happens if I realise I need to make changes to my company information when I am preparing the confirmation statement?  It’s very easy – Kudocs will guide you on where and how to make the necessary changes.


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