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Transaction Bibles

Can I connect transactions in Kudocs?  Yes – using the transaction bible feature.  This allows you to connect transactions together (like an old fashioned completion bible), making it easier to find them in the future and see how the transactions are connected.  You can add a transaction to multiple bibles.


Can I create a completion bible in Kudocs?  Yes, very easily. We even call the feature a Transaction Bible.  Just open the process you want to add to the Bible and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You’ll see a title “Add process to Transaction Bible” and follow the simple instructions.  You can add a transaction to multiple bibles.


How do I view bibles that I have created in Kudocs?. You can view the bibles to which a transaction belongs at the bottom of any transaction page. You can also see transactions via “Live & Completed Processes” > Transaction Bibles.  Just click on a bible to see what transactions it contains.


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