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Data mismatches – when Kudocs has different data to what is in Companies House

What happens if the data in Kudocs is different to the data in Companies House?  Kudocs runs a live checking process to ensure that the data in Kudocs is the same as at Companies House.  If there is a mismatch, Kudocs will flag this.  If you are portfolio customer, you can see this using the Data mismatch toggle.  If you are a card customer, Kudocs will get in touch with you to discuss.


How can the data be different in Kudocs to Companies House?  There are a number of ways for this, but the 2 most common are:

(i) an entity files a document directly at Companies House, but does not update Kudocs.  E.g. a company files a director resignation at Companies House, but does not record the resignation in Kudocs.  Therefore the Companies House data will have 1 fewer directors than Kudocs.

(ii) an entity completes a process in Kudocs but chooses not to file at Companies House at the same time.  E.g. an LLP adds a new PSC in Kudocs, but did not file the PSC01 at the same time.  Therefore the Companies House data will have 1 fewer PSC than Kudocs.


Does Kudocs flag if the data is different in Kudocs and Companies House?  Yes.  We run a live data checker to compare Kudocs data with Companies House data and prepare a report on any mismatches.  Portfolio customers can see this report via the data mismatch toggle on the company list.  Card customers will be contacted by Kudocs separately.


Can I ‘fix’ if there is a data mismatch?  Yes.  In most cases Kudocs can pull data in from Companies House to update Kudocs (e.g. to update that a director has resigned).  If the data in Kudocs is correct, but incorrect in Companies House, it will usually require a filing to update Companies House.  Kudocs can provide you with more information about this as needed.

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