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Data mismatches – when Kudocs has different data to what is in Companies House

What happens if the data in Kudocs is different to the data in Companies House?  Kudocs runs a live checking process to ensure that the data in Kudocs is the same as at Companies House.  If there is a mismatch, Kudocs will flag this.  If you are portfolio customer, you can see this using the Data mismatch toggle.  If you are a card customer, Kudocs will get in touch with you to discuss.


How can the data be different in Kudocs to Companies House?  There are a number of ways for this, but the 2 most common are:

(i) an entity files a document directly at Companies House, but does not update Kudocs.  E.g. a company files a director resignation at Companies House, but does not record the resignation in Kudocs.  Therefore the Companies House data will have 1 fewer directors than Kudocs.

(ii) an entity completes a process in Kudocs but chooses not to file at Companies House at the same time.  E.g. an LLP adds a new PSC in Kudocs, but did not file the PSC01 at the same time.  Therefore the Companies House data will have 1 fewer PSC than Kudocs.


Does Kudocs flag if the data is different in Kudocs and Companies House?  Yes.  We run a live data checker to compare Kudocs data with Companies House data and prepare a report on any mismatches.  Portfolio customers can see this report via the data mismatch toggle on the company list.  Card customers will be contacted by Kudocs separately.


Can I ‘fix’ if there is a data mismatch?  Yes.  It depends of you are a portfolio or card customer.

  • Portfolio customers can use the data mismatch toggle to see any entity where there is a mismatch and then click on the orange exclamation icon to see what the mismatch is.  Depending on what the mismatch is, there will be instructions on how to resolve them (e.g. by using the data from Companies House to update the Kudocs data – (i) click on {Quick view} to see more information; and (ii) decide how to resolve the mismatch).


  • Card customers will need to contact Kudocs to discuss any mismatch and then Kudocs will be able to help you resolve them.


It is worth noting that these solutions are to pull correct data from Companies House into Kudocs to update Kudocs.  If, however, the data in Kudocs is correct, but incorrect in Companies House, it will usually require a filing to update Companies House.  Kudocs can provide you with more information about this as needed.

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