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SEIS & EIS certificates – individual investors behind nominee

It is common for corporate investors to be holding shares as a nominee for multiple individual investors.  While the corporate nominee is not eligible for EIS or SEIS relief, the investors are – and they expect the company to provide them with the completed certificates (EIS3 or SEIS3).

Kudocs makes it easy and quick to generate their certificates in seconds – even if there are hundreds of investors.

“We’ve just completed a round with a VC investor.  They have over 250 individual investors behind them on this deal and ALL of them are eligible for EIS relief.  When the VC asked me to provide the EIS3 certificates, I was terrified and depressed in equal measure – where would I find the time?

We were using Kudocs already and when I found out that I could just upload the list of investors to the system and it does the rest I could not believe my luck.

What was going to be at least 1 day’s work was done in no more than 3 minutes.  This was a game-changer – for me, the VC and their investors.”

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