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Custom Director Resolution

Custom Director Resolution

In addition to a wide range of specific actions that Kudocs offers and provides the correct resolution wording, you can also use the Kudocs voting functionality to run your own resolutions. Whether it’s for something straightforward (like approving the business plan or budget) or more complex (a specific resolution, drafted by external advisors) – just drop the text, links, attachments, etc into the “Create custom director resolution” tool and let the system do the hard work. No need for multiple emails, PDFs with multiple signatures, tallying up the votes… Kudocs does it all for you.

“We’ve run a range of written directors’ resolutions through Kudocs. From approving some significant expenditure for which we wanted board sign-off, through to multiple resolutions to approve a complex financing package – we generated the content and used Kudocs to get the job done. So easy and quick – and most importantly, the board loved it and responded immediately.”

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