Published: 16 February 2022 2:33 pm  Author:

Feature Update – Sept 2021

Here’s a short summary of some of the key features released up until September 2021:


EIS & SEIS for investors behind corporate nominee

Do you have corporate nominee shareholders (e.g. a VC )? The corporate nominee is not eligible for EIS or SEIS relief, but the individuals behind it are.

Use Kudocs to generate certificates for those investors in seconds.

We’ve already had customers use this tool – in one case generating more than 250 certificates in less than 2 minutes.


Stakeholder page redesign

We’ve redesigned the stakeholder page to show you more information in less space and more intuitively.


Name your transactions

You can now name any share transactions for ease of reference – e.g. Series A Sept 2021.

The name will appear in Kudocs, as well as in the exported registers.


Record historic redesignations

Add details of historic (ie pre-Kudocs) redesignations to the system.


New user permission type (for portfolio customers)

Grant access to colleagues so that they can see all companies that are added to your portfolio (past and future).

To save your admins having to grant access to new companies each time they are added.


Update onboarding data

Started onboarding, but then got distracted… and by the time you get back to it there have been subsequent filings?

Not a problem.  Just press the button and we’ll pull the latest info from Companies House.