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Registered email address – what is it and how to add & change

What is a registered email address?  Under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 each UK registered entity will be required to provide a registered email address to Companies House as part of their core information.  This is to enable Companies House to communicate with that entity via email in the future.  As of now (March 2024), Companies House will still be sending all communications in the same way they have done before, but they will start to switch to email in the future.


How does an entity provide its registered email address for the first time? 

For new entities this will need to be provided as part of the incorporation application.

For existing entities an email address will need to be included in the first confirmation statement filed after implementation (5 March 2024).  Thereafter, entities will not need to include the email address in confirmation statements, but there will be a new standalone process built for entities to change their registered email address (a bit like adding/updating SAIL details – there is no legal process, it is just a Companies House update).

Kudocs has been redesigned to handle both scenarios for you.  You don’t have to think about anything – Kudocs will do it all for you – asking for the email address as necessary to ensure that the entity is compliant with the new ECCTA.


How does an entity change its registered email address?  Once an entity has notified Companies House what its registered email address is (via incorporation or confirmation statement), it is very easy to change the email address later.  This is a standalone process in Kudocs – it does not need a new confirmation statement.  Just go to Settings > Company > Registered email address and follow the instructions.



Is the registered email address publicly available from Companies House?  No.  The email address will be kept private and securely by Companies House.

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