Edit stakeholder details (name, address, shareholding details (including membership start date and aggregate amount paid) and other details)

This guide explains how to edit stakeholder details that do not require any legal approval process (e.g. change name, address, update PSC/RLE reasons…).  You can also use this method to update high-level shareholding information, including aggregate amounts paid/ unpaid, and the date that the shareholder became a shareholder (membership start date).   You can use this process to edit details of all stakeholders in an entity – ie directors, secretaries, shareholders, PSC/RLE, LBG member and LLP member)

If you need to make a more substantive change to a stakeholder (e.g. appoint them as a director, issue shares, etc), you will need to complete the necessary action in Kudocs to do so.

If the changes you are making require a Companies House filing, Kudocs will do that for you, automatically.

The action is available via the individual stakeholder page.


Keep control of your corporate information: registers, documents, stakeholders, Companies House filings - accurate & available in seconds.

How to make changes

Select this route and Kudocs will help you complete all the necessary steps for this action.
Step 1

Select the stakeholder whose details you want to edit and open their page

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Step 2

Go to Actions > Edit details to make changes

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Such as name, occupation, addresses, PSC/ RLE reasons, joint/ trust shareholdings, etc.
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Step 3

Save and preview the changes to check what you have done and preview Companies House filing (if any) if you want to.

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Step 4

If you need to edit shareholder specific details (membership start date, total aggregate amount paid/ unpaid) you can do so via the {Edit shareholding info} button.

More detail
For more information about aggregate amount paid in the register - see https://www.kudocs.co.uk/faqs/aggregate-amount-paid-for-shares/
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Step 5

You can upload and edit your own documents stored against that stakeholder's profile.

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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • All registers updated automatically and immediately by Kudocs
  • Companies House filings submitted, as needed.
  • Full audit trail.

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