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Custom investor/ shareholder consents

What type of resolution is this?  This is not a resolution as such.  Instead it is a tool for a company to build its own vote(s) according to its own rules (usually found in either the articles of association or a shareholder agreement).  Consent matters are often used to get specific approval from certain shareholders as a precondition to certain action.


What can you customise in this process?  You can select who can vote, what vote they have (by selecting which shares should be counted), whether certain members have a veto, whether to ignore a lack of vote, or treat it as a vote in favour, what % consent threshold needs to be met, the vote expiry date, and the content of the vote(s) themselves.  You can create multiple items to be voted on in one process.


Does Kudocs send out reminders while the process is running?  Yes, the system sends reminders to the user who initiated the process at certain intervals to remind them that the vote is still pending and when the deadline is.  To help the user encourage voters to participate before the deadline.


What happens if votes are not cast by the expiry date?  Depending on how you have set the process up, votes that are not cast are either ignored (not counted either way) or considered as votes in favour.  However the process is set up, if the necessary % is not reached by the expiry date, the matter(s) will be considered to have been rejected.


Does anything need to be filed at Companies House?  No.  Consent matters are simply internal matters for the company.


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