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Companies House Default Address

What is the Companies House default address?  PO Box 4385, 11044276 – COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS, Cardiff, CF14 8LH


Why is my company’s registered office address showing as the Companies House default address?  This is usually because someone considers that your company is incorrectly using their address  as your registered office address.  Anyone who considers that their address is being using incorrectly can apply to Companies House by filing an RP07 together with the necessary supporting evidence.  The RP07 will be reviewed by Companies House and if they consider it is correct they will inform the company of the application.  The company then has 28 days to contest the application – if they fail to reply or do reply but Companies House does not agree with their response, Companies House will change the registered office to the default address.

There are some other reasons for why this might happen, but they are rare.


How do I get Companies House to change my registered address away from the default address?  The company must file an AD01 with Companies House.  This has to be submitted as a paper filing (electronic filing via Kudocs or web filing is not available in this instance).  It is also recommended that you also submit evidence to support your right to use the address as the registered office address.  This could include:

  • Any evidence (in writing)  that the company is allowed to use the address as its registered office
  • Ownership or rental documentation
  • a utility bill addressed to the company at the registered office in the last 6 months
  • or any other information or documents that you think might support you position.


If you have any further questions, you may wish to seek professional advice.  Further information is available on the Companies House website.

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