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Charges – creating, updating & filing at Companies House

Can I use Kudocs to file a charge at Companies House?  Yes.  You can now use Kudocs to add information about a charge to the company charges register and file that charge at Companies (by filing an MR01).  Kudocs does it all for you, and will pay the filing fee for you!  Once the charge has been registered at Companies House, you’ll be able to add additional – non-Companies House – information to the register for ease of reference.


Can I use Kudocs to update a charge at Companies House?  Yes.  You can now used Kudocs to update an existing charge at Companies House:

  • by filing form MR04 (full or partial satisfaction); or
  • by filing form MR05 (part or whole of the property charged has been released from the charge OR no longer forms part of the company’s property). 

Kudocs does it all for you and also updates your charges register.


What happens if my company already has charges at Companies House – before the company joins Kudocs.  Will they show in Kudocs?. Yes – not a problem.  Kudocs will pull the information directly from Companies House for you, automatically creating your charges register.


Will Kudocs create a charges register? Yes.  Although they are no longer legally required (since the Companies Act 2006), they are useful to have and Kudocs generates them for you, automatically


Can I add additional information about the charges in my company register? Yes.  The charge register is made up of a combination of information that needs to be submitted to Companies House and any other information you want to add to help manage your records.  For example, the chargee’s address.  You can also upload documents – in addition to the charge instrument – as part of your record keeping.

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