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Change entity subscription (package; annual/ monthly) – portfolios only

Can I change the subscription for entities in my portfolio?  Yes.  If you are a portfolio admin you can now up and downgrade subscriptions yourself (you used to have to email Kudocs to ask).  You can also cancel subscriptions and change if they are on annual or monthly billing.


How do I change subscription? Easily.  If you are a portfolio admin, just click on {Reports & Subscription management} and then scroll down to Subscriptions.  Select the entity you want to change and click on {Change package}.


Is there a limit on the up/downgrades I can make? Yes, if you change package type, you cannot change package again for 3 months (to prevent unintentional abuse of the system!).  Get in touch with Kudocs if that causes you any issues.


Is there a record of subscription changes? Yes, in the Portfolio Activity Log.


Can I cancel a subscription?  Yes, using the same process as changing a subscription.


I am a card customer of Kudocs – can I change subscription?  Yes, but you need to contact Kudocs customer support ( and we can sort this out for you very easily.

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