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Adding historic (i.e. pre-Kudocs) information to Kudocs

How do I add historic information to Kudocs – i.e. the information I have in my company registers that is no longer current but nevertheless important?  When the company joins Kudocs, the account (and company registers) will be created initially using current Companies House data. 

We appreciate that there may be more information that you want to have available as part of the company’s history.  There are a number of ways to do this:

    • You can record a wide range of information as ‘historic’ (e.g adding an historic – i.e. former – shareholder, and then recording various historic share transactions for them).  This is a manual process.  It provides a lot of detail, is easy to do, but takes a bit of time.
    • A simpler option is to upload copies of the existing registers (pdf, excel, word…) to the document store.  That will ensure all the information is in Kudocs, and you can refer to these historic records when needed.
    • Kudocs can help you bulk import historic data if needed.  Please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

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