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Features from: 6 June 2024 – record share transfer price paid per share or as total consideration, add notes to stakeholders, various system updates

Share transfers – record the price paid on a per share or total consideration basis – you used to be able to record share transfers only on a price per share basis.  You can not record on a total consideration paid by each transferee basis (and Kudocs works out the price per share).

Send confirmation statement out for approval with/out a CS01 – some customers find the draft CS01 that is included in the confirmation statement pack a bit confusing.  So you can now select – as part of the approval set up process – if you want to send out a draft CS01, or not.

Add notes to stakeholders in a transaction if not added initially – it is now easier to add notes to a stakeholder in a transaction after the transaction has been completed.

Generate a entity report at a group level – you can now generate an entity report for all entities in a group in one go, rather than have to create each report entity-by-entity.

Fixed an issue with showing nominal values other than GBP in register of members at the “Position @ joining Kudocs”

Improvements to document store

Usual system improvements

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