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PSC & RLE management

PSC & RLE management

Maintaining an accurate PSC & RLE register is an important obligation on company officers. Navigating the various reasons and triggering thresholds, filing obligations and remembering to update the registers when there have been changes elsewhere (which may not be obvious) can be a daunting task.

Kudocs makes it all very easy. The system gives you great visibility of the current information and it’s very easy to make changes. The system will also make all the necessary filings at Companies House. And Kudocs has a feature that will notify the company when there has been a change in company information which might trigger a PSC/RLE change.

“Keeping on top of our PSC register used to be a nightmare.  No one really understood what is was and how to update it – but using Kudocs makes it very easy and straightforward. We’ve been through a number of investment rounds which means that shareholding and voting positions have changed quite a bit – and ensuring the PSC register kept up to date was very easy, thanks to Kudocs.”

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