Published: 12 December 2022 4:02 pm  Author:

Feature update – December 2022

A short summary of some of the new feature’s we’ve released up until December 2022



Draft Incorporation Questionnaires (for portfolio customers only)

You can now use Kudocs to build an online incorporation questionnaire to save you all the hassle of emails/ word documents going back and forth to your customers:

  • Pre-complete as much of it as you can and then share access with the client.
  • They complete what they can.
  • Work on it together in real time (with version tracking).
  • When you are ready, convert the questionnaire into an incorporation and submit to Companies House when ready.

This is an exciting new feature that we have been working on with a number of customers. It can be customised and tailored to your needs.


Manage group companies within a portfolio

You can now build group company connections in Kudocs. This is just the beginning: we want to do a lot more in this area, so please do share your ideas!

Upgraded Loan Note Registers

We’ve improved the Loan Note feature in Kudocs.  You can now add details of multiple note holders under 1 instrument.


Generate S/EIS certificates for all types of nominee

You can now generate SEIS and EIS certificates for investors behind any type of nominee – human or corporate.

Stakeholder transaction notes

As well as transaction-level notes, you can now add stakeholder-specific notes to a share transaction.  Allowing you to add very detailed information about each investor/ transferee/ etc.


Non-cash consideration

You can now add details of any non-cash consideration on share allotments.  This will appear in the company registers and in any SH01 filed using Kudocs.