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Published: 23 June 2022 3:28 pm  Author:

Feature Update – April 2022

Here’s a short summary of some of the key features released up until April 2022:

Loan Note Register

Add details of loan instruments to a company’s records in Kudocs & generate a Loan Note Register.

Standalone SH01

File an SH01 as a standalone process covering a range of share issues covering any time period up to today’s date (ie not as part of a share issue).

What’s this for?  Issuing shares in Kudocs gives you the option to file an SH01 automatically. However, you can opt out of this. E.g if you want to delay the SH01 filing, or if you have multiple share issues and you’d prefer to file a single, consolidated SH01 covering all issues in that period.

Add 3rd party notification recipients to stakeholders

Add additional email addresses to stakeholders, so that they will be notified as well as the stakeholder.

What’s this for?  Do your clients have stakeholders that need to keep 3rd parties in the loop? E.g. a particular person at a VC as well as the general investment manager?

Reminder to review settings for new companies

When you add a new company to Kudocs, you can skip reviewing the settings and come back to it later.

There is now a reminder to prompt you!

Add oversubscription notes

Performing a pre-emption process in Kudocs? Shareholders can now add notes about their oversubscription request to their response. The notes then appear in Kudocs to help you work out final allocations.