Farrer & Co LLP partners with Kudocs

Published: 19 October 2020 1:45 pm  Author:

Farrer & Co LLP partners with Kudocs

Kudocs is delighted to announce its formal partnership with leading independent London law firm Farrer & Co LLP who will be using Kudocs to support their corporate practice.

Jonathan Haley, Corporate Partner at Farrer & Co says, “We are delighted to be one of the first adopters of the innovative Kudocs system and to have worked with them on its development. The ability to give clients 24/7 online access to their books and to file transactions in real time is an exciting and valuable development for our market-leading practice.”

Oliver Stanley, co-founder and CEO of Kudocs says, “It is fantastic to work with a firm like Farrer & Co. Its longevity and reputation are testament to its ability to innovate in each generation to support clients’ needs as the world around them changes… partnering with Kudocs is the latest chapter in that ongoing innovation.”

Using Kudocs brings a wide range of benefits to professional advisors and companies. This includes:

– time and cost savings: it’s faster to complete a task in Kudocs than by more traditional methods (e.g. electronic voting on resolutions) and you can complete multiple tasks simultaneously (e.g. update company books and file at Companies House).

– accuracy – no longer a risk of not working off the ‘latest version’.

– shared access to core company information makes it easy for stakeholders to interact – no matter how or where staff/clients are working.

Patrick Tolhurst, Kudocs co-founder, puts it this way: “Rather than adding the same data in 5 different places, I want to add it once – in a fifth of the time – and let the system put it into 5 places instantaneously, without typos, errors or omissions.”