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Stakeholder notes

Can I add notes to certain stakeholders in Kudocs?   Yes.  On the stakeholder page, you can add, edit and delete notes that are specific to that stakeholder.  You can tag the notes so that they belong to a particular role that the stakeholder has (e.g. shareholder, director, PSC, etc).  You can add multiple notes for each role.  It is very easy to manage.


If I add notes, will they be visible on the company registers?  You can choose whether to show or hide the notes on the registers that you export from Kudocs (pdf, Word or Excel).  If you choose not to show the notes in the export, they will still be available to view on Kudocs.


If I add notes, will they be sent to Companies House?  No – notes are stored in and appear on Kudocs functionality only.


Can I add notes to transactions?  Yes.  You can add notes to transactions that will appear in the registers.  They can be general transaction notes or more specific to features of the transaction (e.g. non-cash consideration or stakeholder specific).


Can I add notes that are specific to stakeholders in a transaction?  Yes.  You can add notes that relate only to a specific stakeholder in a transaction.

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