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Share capital – redesignation

How do I redesignate shares? The required legal processes to redesignate shares must be completed offline. Use Kudocs to record and implement the changes (i.e. update shareholdings, issue new share certificates and notify Companies House).


How do I use Kudocs to record and implement the changes?

  • Select {Redesignate shares} from all actions.
  • If missing you will need to provide the latest share certificate number issued by the company.   You can preview the draft documents at this stage if needed.
  • Select the share class list from the dropdown list. If the class into which the shares are being redesignated does not already exist, then you need to create that share class, and then return to the process.
  • Shares can only be redesignated to a share class with the same nominal value. If this is not the case, you will need to subdivide or consolidate the share capital accordingly.
  • Once confirmed, review the changes, select the redesignation date and upload any supporting documents.
  • Kudocs will generate share certificates for the share redesignation if required. 
  • Once the process is recorded, shareholdings and registers are updated, and Companies House forms  (SH08 and SH10) will be generated as pdfs.  Companies House does not currently allow electronic filing of these forms, so you will need to download the pdfs and submit them via webfiling or post.  Kudocs will explain how to do this in the process.

For more info, see here.

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