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Sending shareholder update/notification

How do I send a shareholder update/notification?  This action is available for companies on the Advanced package and is available in the All Actions list.  Just complete the form, adding any content, links, media files, etc and then just send.  Kudocs has all the email addresses for shareholders, so there is no need to find them, do a mail merge, worry about missing someone off, remember a change of email address, etc.  The update is then stored in Kudocs forever, making it easy for you, or any other user, to find and reference in the future.

Can I exclude certain shareholders from an update?  Yes, you can select to exclude certain shareholder – for example if the update or notification does not affect them.

Where is the update stored?  The update, and any attachments, will be stored in the process and the document store.  It will also be available to shareholders via the shareholder dashboard (which is also available as part of the Advanced package).


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