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Director – removal (by directors)

How do you remove a director who will not resign?  You can remove them forcefully by passing a board or member resolution.  Removal by member requires a vote at a shareholder meeting (more than 50% majority required) following the standard provisions of sections 168 & 169 Companies Act 2006.  Arranging and holding this member meeting is the route provided by Kudocs (see “Director – removal (by members)”). 

The company’s articles may also contain provisions for a director to be removed by other directors.  Kudocs allows you to record such a removal (i.e. the actual removal process will need to be done off line, according to the specific rules of your company).


Does Kudocs update Companies House?  Yes, if you choose this option, Kudocs will file the necessary form (TM01) electronically on your behalf.

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