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Can a stakeholder have mulitple contact email address (additional recipients)?

Can a single stakeholder  (e.g director, shareholder, etc) have more than 1 contact email address?  So I can keep multiple people informed.  Yes.  Kudocs communicates with company stakeholders by email (to vote on resolutions, company updates, etc). Kudocs uses the main stakeholder email address to do this.  You may want other recipients to be informed when those emails are sent out.

Additional recipients will receive the following emails:

  1. Copies of board or shareholder/member updates
  2. Notifications when any other email has been sent that requires the stakeholder to take action. This is not the email the stakeholder receives – it is just an “FYI”.

To do this, you need to open the stakeholder page > Action > Edit details and then add the notification contact email address(es).


Can I use this tool for joint shareholders?  Yes – this is a great way to keep joint shareholders updated alongside the primary shareholder (known as the ‘senior member’).  The reason for this is that only the primary owner – as the “senior member” is entitled to vote on shareholder matters – s.286 Companies Act 2006.

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