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Add an existing company to Kudocs – onboarding

How do I add an existing company to Kudocs?  Very easily.  Because Kudocs is connected to Companies House, all you need to do is look up your company, enter your Authentication Code and then Kudocs will build your company profile for you.  You just need to review the information we’ve pulled from Companies House, confirm it is correct (or update it if not) and that’s it.  You’re all set up on Kudocs.


What happens if the information from Companies House is not correct?  Not a problem.  There are 2 ways you can onboard a company to Kudocs:

  • Full Onboarding – review all the information and make any necessary changes (without having to run through the specific processes behind them).  Kudocs will file certain documents at Companies House notifying them of the changes and your Kudocs account will be created with the correct information.  E.g. you appointed a director x months ago, but never got round to notifying Companies House.  You can add them during onboarding and Kudocs will automatically create the necessary entry in the company books and let Companies House know.
  • Quick Onboarding – where you create the Kudocs account with the information ‘as is’ at Companies House.  You can then use the more detailed processes in Kudocs to perform or record the changes you need to make.  E.g. You thought you’d appointed a director x months ago, but never completed the formalities (consent to act, resolution).  Use Kudocs to complete the necessary legal processes, and as automatic outputs, Kudocs will update the company books and let Companies House know.


What types of company does Kudocs support? Kudocs currently supports companies limited by shares or limited by guarantee.  We’re working on other forms (e.g. LLPs) and will be releasing that functionality in due course.


What about the company records/ registers/ books that I have already?  How do I add them to Kudocs?  There are a number of ways to do this and we’d be happy to discuss this with you in detail.  But in summary you can (i) upload the previous records as documents into you Document store – easily accessible for whenever you need to look at them (easiest & quickest) ; (ii) create detailed histories for the company and stakeholders by record specific events; or (iii) we can help with bespoke bulk data imports if you have the information in a data form.


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