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Share Transfer

An early stage business needed to tidy up its cap table in advance an investment round.  This included transferring shares from an existing shareholder – who was exiting – to other existing shareholders and new shareholders.  Time and cost were of the essence.  The company used the perform share transfer process in Kudocs to handle it all – agreement between the parties, deed of adherence, Stock Transfer Forms, new share certificates.

“It was not only that I could set up and run the transfer myself very easily (with occasional support from my lawyer – but they weren’t charging me for the admin side of things), but it was so easy for everyone else involved in the process.  All done on their phones pretty much immediately.  They were impressed, my lawyer was impressed (and pleased not to be doing the paperwork!) and I loved it.

The whole thing was done in less than a few hours – end to end.  If only the HMRC part was that fast, but you can’t have it all!”

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