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A market-leading platform used Kudocs to run a recent share issue. Looking to raise £5m with over 60 existing shareholders, the company used Kudocs to:

  • seek shareholder authority to issue new shares
  • run pre-emption (including calculating pre-emption entitlements and allowing over-subscription)
  • issue new shares, generate deeds of adherence and electronic share certificates

The company did this all in house- with no need for third-party advisors. Kudocs customer support assisted them with the occasional query and the process ran very smoothly.

As well as the ease of use and visibility that Kudocs provided, the company was particularly impressed by the level of engagement from shareholders in the pre-emption and voting processes. The ease of voting meant that shareholders responded in greater numbers and faster than via traditional methods.

And to top it all off, Kudocs generated in excess of 40 new deeds of adherence and share certificates automatically – saving huge amounts of administrative time and effort.

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