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Custom Shareholder Resolution

Custom Shareholder Resolution

Kudocs provides a range of specific legal actions (and the necessary resolutions, documents, processes, etc) that a company may need in its life-cycle. However, we know there are actions that we don’t provide for – yet. We’ll be adding to our list, but in the meantime, you can still use Kudocs to get these bespoke resolutions approved. Just drop the text, links, attachments, etc into the “Create custom shareholder resolution” tool and let the system do the hard work. No need for multiple emails, PDFs with multiple signatures, tallying up the votes… Kudocs does it all for you.

“We needed to get our shareholders to agree to a fairly unique set of changes to their rights in return for various benefits. I don’t think there is even a specific legal definition for this kind of change, but we used our lawyers to draft the necessary resolutions and then used Kudocs to get the approvals (special and ordinary). With over 300 shareholders with a range of voting rights and holdings, we were dreading this exercise. Kudocs did it all for us – we provided the content and the system did the leg work.”

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