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Build a cap table

A law firm client regularly uses Kudocs to build cap tables for clients:

‘The Kudocs cap table builder takes – literally – seconds.  It generates a document in excel (complete with all equations) that is the perfect starting point for me to build on.  In fact, quite often its perfect for what I need.  Whereas before I’d spend way too long setting up a model in excel – not my natural habitat – I can now get down to work almost immediately and focus on the complex parts.  Excellent.”

The ‘latest cap table’ is a common term used by lawyers, accountants, investors and business owners to describe the document summarising current company ownership, including issued and unissued (e.g. options, warrants, etc) equity  – the capitalisation of the company.

Cap tables are often used in preparation for and during a fundraising event – to understand how ownership (particularly %) will change.

Cap tables consist, mostly, of information on the shareholder register – but laid out in a way that makes it easy to see the key high level information relating to ownership.  What makes them different is the ability to add information about unissued equity, so as to be able to see the ‘full picture’ of what company ownership might look like in the future – when that unissued equity is issued.

There are infinite ways to design a cap table – everyone has their own style.  That is why the Kudocs cap table tool allows you to build a cap table very very quickly, view it on screen and then export it to excel where you can do your own bespoking: creating your own cap table from scratch (assuming you know the layout you want) can take hours.  Kudocs will generate one for you at the click of a button.


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